Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Sam started his development of skills in one of the leading Hairdressing Salons in the city and learned the techniques the hard way in a very tough and challenging working environment. At Sams graduation in 2006 he received a bronze medal, which was considered the highest ranking that year. The medal were handed over by the Danish Queen Margrethe.

After a couple of years working in the salon he shifted his career towards makeup and hair in the Fashion industry. Sam got a lot of experience after assisting, one of Denmark’s leading makeup artists, Søren Hedegaard. Joining the Danish Makeup Artist Championship in 2009 Sam won 3rd place in 2009 and in 2010 he won the Danish Makeup Artist Championship.

During only 2 years in business, his portfolio covers: Photo shoots for various magazines,lookbooks,short films, catwalk styling backstage fashion week etc. Amongst others he works on Malene Birger’s Fashion show, the tv show Dancing With The Stars, and he is A freelance hair/makeup artist and also represented by Scoop Models Agency.

Sam is constantly trying to improve his work using his creative talents and his uncompromising perfectionism and demands on quality.


Sam Shimoun special features:

  • Makeup and hair styling courses
  • Bride hair & makeup
  • Gala/ Various events

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